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Professional UAV Services

About Us

Professional UAV
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FAA Part 107 

Certified Pilots

Drogo was founded with a passion for providing professional UAV services. Since inception in early 2018, we have provided a variety of services ranging from industrial surveying and property inspections to sporting events and concerts. We are proud to say that we haven’t had a single unsatisfied customer.

Our Director of Operations is a U.S. Army Veteran, trained by the military to operate UAVs in complex environments. Utilizing only FAA Part 107 Certified UAV Pilots, trained and mentored by our Director of Operations, our objective is to provide professional UAV services in strict accordance with FAA regulations.


Whatever your service needs may be, Drogo guarantees it will be done safely and responsibly. 


Pre- Construction Surveys

Post- Construction Surveys

Promotional Videos


Insurance Investigations

Fire Investigations

 Our Services

Property Inspection Services

Building Inspections

Roof/ Gutter Inspections

Tree Inspections


Live Events

Sporting Events


Other Services

We take pride in the capabilities of our FAA Certified Pilots. Contact Drogo if the service you require is not listed. 

Utility Inspection Services

Utility Inspections

Hazard Surveys/ Assessments

Storm/ Outage Response

Geographic Information Systems

Aerial Surveys

Site Mapping

Emergency Response Planning


  Drogo Demonstration Videos

Construction Services

Capable of performing a multitude of services for the construction industry. Pre/ Post-Construction Surveys are a vital resource that can be used to identify potential hazards on the job site, aid in settling claims disputes, and provide "Before and After" documentation of the work that your organization has performed. 

Property Inspection Services

UAV provides a safe and efficient alternative for performing visual Property Inspections. Consider UAV as your first step approach before utilizing heavy equipment or placing a human being in an unsafe situation. Our pilots can perform a 360 degree inspection of your building's exterior in a matter of minutes and identify any damage or hazards that need attention. 

Utility Inspection

Capable of providing visual inspections of structures and routine hazard assessments, our pilots can perform the same visual inspection services that are traditionally performed by helicopter while drastically reducing the cost. When storms and interruptions occur, our pilots can mobilize rapidly and access hard to reach locations in order to quickly identify the source.

Utility Inspection Services
Real Estate

Aerial imagery is an excellent resource for advertising properties. Our pilots are capable of capturing quality photos and videos traditionally provided by photographers, with the added ability to provide different perspectives of the property for potential buyers. Consider UAV your "One Stop Shop" for Real Estate photography and video.     

Event Services

Our pilots can create a memorable video for your event with UAV.

Sporting Events, Fundraisers and everything in between: Aerial Imagery provides a unique way to capture the theme. 

A Message from our Director of Operations


Director of Operations

Matthew Parry

U.S. Army Veteran

Iraq 2010

Afghanistan 2013-2014

"While serving as a Combat Engineer in the U.S. Army, my primary function was to locate and neutralize IED threats. When planning for missions, I relied heavily on UAV resources in order to identify potential IED locations on our routes and provide essential information. Trained as a UAV Pilot, I had the ability to provide real-time surveillance for my unit during missions.

I have deep respect for the capabilities that UAV's can provide, and ambition to do things the right way. Observing the massive boom in UAV sales in retail stores, it concerns me to know that the majority of people who have purchased UAV systems are blatantly disregarding FAA Regulations. 

We aim to separate ourselves from 'Retail Store Pilots', and to set the standard in professional UAV services. With Drogo, you can trust that our pilots are certified, disciplined, and capable of handling your UAV needs."

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